Audio Electronics with Kuma Takamura

Boston AES meeting April 26th 7-8:30PM

This month we’ll continue to look at the fundamentals of components used in audio electronics. In February we presented “Resistors for Audio” (available on ABW YouTube channel). This month we’ll follow this with a deeper dive into the favored technology for resistors used in audio systems; Thin film resistors. We are lucky to have one of the world’s experts on hand to present this evening, Kuma Takamura.

Kuma Takamura received his Ph.D. in genetics from Tokyo Metropolitan University. He came to the United States in 1980 as a research scientist. In 1985 he changed his field to electronics and was hired by Thin Film Technology(TFT), Susumu’s then subsidiary in the United State. He served as R&D senior manager for TFT until 2004. Currently, he supports Susumu’s customers throughout the world as technical consultant and advisor. He is also the Education Director for the Greater Mankato Diversity Council and has a wide range of interests outside of technology.

The topics being covered include:

What is resistance-Physics 101
Thin film resistor differences from other technology
How to produce thin film resistors
Characteristics and reliability of thin film resistors
Audio uses of thin film resistors
Commercial examples of different thin film resistors


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