Upcoming Events!

TODAY/Tuesday June 19th: Boston AES, with the generous support of Baystate Events and The Regent Theater, has put together the first in a series of A2 train events. An A2s or Second Assistant Audio Engineers are in charge of mics, backstage monitors, com systems, and often much more. It is is not uncommon that an A2 might be called upon to assist the lighting crew. Learning the basics of lighting is a valuable job skill or any member of the production team. Special thanks to Leland Stein, David Nickerson, Ryan Yorck, Amanda, Holt and Justin Ziebell for making this first event a reality. For full details: RSVP HERE.

Wednesday June 20th: Carlo Libertini from Music Marketing will be in-house doing some much-needed hands-on demonstration of the ever powerful Melodyne software. This tutorial will be informative and beneficial even if you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, just starting out. All are welcomed! You experts might even be able to teach us a few things about your workflow! Parsons Audio 192 Worcester Street Wellesley, MA 02481 - 7PM

Sunday June 24th:  Annual BBQ hosted by the AES Chair Owen Curtin. Please, bring your significant others, kids, and friends! Food and Drink will be provided but we can always use your support. If you can help with the event or by bringing a side, please lets us know. As always donate here at Eventbrite. Make sure you RSVP well in advance so that we have enough food. Special thanks to Parsons Audio, iZotope, and Lord Hobo for sponsoring this event! For full details: RSVP HERE

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Audio Electronics with Kuma Takamura

Boston AES meeting April 26th 7-8:30PM
RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kuma-takamura-resistors-used-in-audio-systems-tickets-45288651576

This month we’ll continue to look at the fundamentals of components used in audio electronics. In February we presented “Resistors for Audio” (available on ABW YouTube channel). This month we’ll follow this with a deeper dive into the favored technology for resistors used in audio systems; Thin film resistors. We are lucky to have one of the world’s experts on hand to present this evening, Kuma Takamura.

Kuma Takamura received his Ph.D. in genetics from Tokyo Metropolitan University. He came to the United States in 1980 as a research scientist. In 1985 he changed his field to electronics and was hired by Thin Film Technology(TFT), Susumu’s then subsidiary in the United State. He served as R&D senior manager for TFT until 2004. Currently, he supports Susumu’s customers throughout the world as technical consultant and advisor. He is also the Education Director for the Greater Mankato Diversity Council and has a wide range of interests outside of technology.

The topics being covered include:

What is resistance-Physics 101
Thin film resistor differences from other technology
How to produce thin film resistors
Characteristics and reliability of thin film resistors
Audio uses of thin film resistors
Commercial examples of different thin film resistors

RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kuma-takamura-resistors-used-in-audio-systems-tickets-45288651576

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Boston AES Spring 2018

Upcoming Events

March 26th Amazon’s Lab 126-Far Field Voice Capture. RSVP (Free)

  • Amazon’s Lab 126 will present to the Boston AES. When you say ‘Alexa, what is the weather?’ and an Echo device responds to you, what exactly happens under the hood? There are many components in the device as well as on in the cloud that need to interact seamlessly for this magic to happen…Read More

March 28th Film Sound Series|Emerson AES|Matt Russell. RSVP (Free)

  • Join the Emerson College Student Section for this year’s first Film Sound Series event! Musician, producer, and engineer Matt Russell will demonstrate what it takes to compile sound for a commercial video, start to finish.

April 10th Walberg and Auge @ The Mixing House. RSVP (Free)

  • Jeremy Esposito of Walberg and Auge will present the The History and Future of America’s Most Innovative and Unknown Drum Company.

November 14th Exec Comm Meeting Minutes: (Click to enlarge)

Google Hangouts is used to stream all meetings.

This link every time:  https://goo.gl/9aKQ2j

All members of the Boston AES are welcome to join the Executive Committee.

Please check your inbox for a message about joining the Executive Committee.

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Audio Community Scholarships!

All of us here at the BAES are excited to present the recipients of the AES Scholarship to WAMCon Boston 2017! They had a blast!

“WAM was amazing, after lunch we were split into groups of 7 or 8 and went around to see hour-long panels and it was great how small the sessions were. Really had the chance to get into exactly what everyone in the room was curious about and was closer to my level of understanding than the panels at AES; I’m only a first-semester audio student. Really recommend any female in audio to come to the next event.” -Meghan Moore

Here are some of the receipeints of the ABW Scholarship at Parsons Expo 2017!

“The ABW S25 mic build at the Parsons convention was a blast! The fact that Owen & co. made what is usually a very solitary task into a social and educational event was great. It was also a wonderufl opportunity to brush up on my soldering skills and get some very useful tips from folks that do this sort of thing far more often than I do!” -Tim Brault

“The microphone workshop sponsored by the Audio Builders Workshop was great! The kits were well designed with clear instructions and host Owen Curtin and guest Matt McGlynn were there and offered lots of tips to help the group complete the project. 

The S-25 kit ($199) from microphone-parts.com is probably not for the complete novice, but with a bit of soldering experience, it can be assembled in a couple of hours. The mic sounds fantastic! I’ve already used it for a critical sampling project and it easily outperforms other condenser mics in my collection.

So glad I participated in this workshop!”-Steve Ward


Thank you so much to our awesome membership and your generous support! Please continue to stay involved!

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Boston AES Fall Newsletter

Hello BAES! We are in for a busy and fun autumn so be sure to check here often to keep on top of all the activities offered by your local AES chapter!

Upcoming Events

DEC 7th Home Studios Panel, Shillman Hall Boston, MA. RSVP

DEC 12th BAES Annual Holiday Party @ Futura Productions. RSVP


AES Members are being asked to vote for candidates for our local Executive Committee. An email will be sent out soon with a link to vote. After the email goes out the link will be posted here as well.

ABW is now a Work Group for the AES.

The new Paypal.me/BostonAES and RSVP donation options will remain active for future events.

November 14th Exec Comm Meeting Minutes: (Click to enlarge)

The Next Exec Comm Meeting is TBD at 7PM @ CCHS.

Google Hangouts is used to stream all meetings.

This link every time:  https://goo.gl/9aKQ2j

All members of the Boston AES are welcome to join the Executive Committee.


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Boston AES Family Cookout 2017

Join your AES community for a relaxing day in the sun!

Join us on Sunday July 9th for our annual BBQ hosted by the new AES Chair Owen Curtin. No Rain Date.

Bring the kids and go for a swim. Owen lives next to “The Old Res”. It is a clean pond with life guards and a sandy beach. Free parking. $6 to get in for non-residents. There is also a swing set in his yard and toys available for young children.

Food and Drink will be provided but you may bring anything you wish.

You must RSVP to this event and all info is here: eventbrite.com/aesfamilycookout

Please consider donating to raise funds in support of our community and for future events.

If you are interested in participating in the Executive Committee please email Mike: secretary@bostonaes.org

A word from our Chair:

Thanks to our Sponsors:

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Music Expo Boston @ Izotope HQ Cambridge, MA

June 10th, 11am
60 Hampshire St. Cambridge MA.

From Sound On Sound.com:

“Music Expo is a day-long event comprising top professionals giving insightful seminars and workshops alongside an expo that features loads of the latest music production products for you to try out. Attendees will be able to get their hands on the latest gear from Yamaha, Ableton, Arturia and Unity Audio. The event, hosted at iZotope’s headquarters in Cambridge, MA will also feature seminars on using the company’s latest audio restoration toolkit, RX6.

The Boston edition of Music Expo welcomes a fantastic range of recording talent including artist/producer Decap (Talib Kweli, Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo), mastering engineer Jonathan Wyner (James Taylor, David Bowie, Aerosmith), artist/producer Thavius Beck (NIN, Saul Williams) and mixing engineer Dante (Mixed ByLotto) Babb (Kat Deluna, T.I, Lupe Fiasco, B.o.B, Wiz Khalifa).

Sessions running throughout the day offer something for every recording musician and producer. Seminars and workshops range in scope from music promotion via social media, right through to VR for music creation, track deconstructions and mix workshops. There’s also a presentation on working with backing tracks on stage and a workshop entitled ‘Demystifying Mastering.”

Click here for free passes!

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AES Networking Night Hosted at Colonial Sound

Tuesday, February 28th, 6PM to 10PM

About the Studio

Colonial Sound services the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District. The studio, auditorium and the many music spaces are tired together on a Dante network. The district also boast an FM broadcast radio station and a high definition TV studio.  The Colonial Sound Recording Club produces an interview show. Club members will be on hand and would like to interview any willing attendees about a book, website, magazine or other resource that your could review and recommend.

About the Manager

Owen Curtin of Audio Builders Workshop and The Bridge Sound and Stage manages Colonial Sound and will provide light refreshments.


The studio is located left of the first floor entrance at 500 Walden Street Concord MA, Room 145. There is a free parking lot in front of the building.

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Microphone Array for Recording Music in Surround-Sound with Height Channels

By David v.R. Bowles

Tue. February 7th, 7pm

Microphone Array for Recording Music in Surround-Sound with Height Channels

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Durgin Hall, Room 114

35 Wilder Street
Lowell, MA 01854

In the past few years, sound recordings with spatial audio have moved from the realm of theoretical research to the actuality of physical and digital releases in the market. At present, three Blu-Ray disc formats utilize a traditional 5.1 surround-sound recording, with an added 4-channel layer of height channels. David Bowles will discuss how to capture vertical localization effectively within this release format, utilizing existing research on hearing localization and techniques learned in the field. The proposed microphone array has time-of-arrival differences between all microphones, yet mixes down to 5.1 and stereo without excessive comb-filtering or other artifacts.

David v.R Bowles formed Swineshead Productions, LLC as a classical recording production company in 1995. His recordings have been GRAMMY-nominated (Classical – Best Orchestral Performance) and won the “Classical Orchestral Album” prize (Just Plain Folks Awards). Other Bowles-produced and engineered releases have been named “Record of the Month – Editor’s Choice” from Gramophone Magazine, MusicWeb International and Opera News; “Record of the Year” from the New York Times (three times), the New Yorker, American Record Guide, Miami Clásica and Classical Candour. Several of these are available as high-resolution paid downloads from Naxos.

In collaboration with New York University’s Music Technology programme at Steinhardt School of Music, Mr. Bowles is pursuing research in height channel recording. He has given a paper on his “Bowles array”(a height channel microphone technique) at AES conventions in New York and São Paulo, both followed by 9.1 channel playbacks.

As an educator, Mr. Bowles is a guest lecturer for Tonmeister programmes at New York University (Steinhardt School of Music), the Royal Danish Academy of Music, the Peabody Recording Arts and Sciences (John Hopkins University) and the Banff Centre. He was Visiting Professor of Recording Arts at Indiana University’s Jacobs School.

Mr. Bowles is a member of the AES (Audio Engineering Society), was on the Board of Governors, served on convention committees, and the committee of the San Francisco AES section. He is a member of NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) Producers & Engineers Wing and SPARS (Society of Professional Audio Recording Services).


Parking: Available for free at the Durgin Lot or the Wilder Faculty/Staff Lot (Lovejoy Lot on Google Maps). They are both available for everyone in the evening hours.

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John F. Allen: A Career in Sound Reinforcement and Stereo

John F. Allen: A Career in Sound Reinforcement and Stereo

By John F. Allen

Presenting at a Boston Audio Society Meeting

Sunday, Dec. 4th, 6PM

Refreshments at 5:30

Boston University, Life Science & Engineering Bldg

24 Cummington Mall 1st Floor Conference, Room 103,

Boston, MA 02215

John F. Allen will talk about his career in sound reinforcement and stereo as well as the technologies he pioneered. John has been involved in sound reinforcement and reproduction since the 1970′s. In 1976 he designed and installed sound reinforcement for the Boston Esplanade and received a Presidential commendation for it. In 1979 he began developing what would become the first digital ready sound system for theaters. First implemented in 1980, the computer designed system increased theater attendance by 25% in the first year. In the 1980′s his company High Performance Stereo, already acclaimed across the US, expanded globally. In 1984 John installed the first digital sound system in a movie theater. Mr. Allen’s systems are the National Park Service standard. John was named sound director for the Boston Ballet in 1988. Honored for the “best orchestra sound in ballet”, no one mentions the transparent sound reinforcement system which helped achieve this distinction.

A long time BAS member, John has also served in the AES and SMPTE. Frequent author and lecturer, he has been advancing the state of the art all his life. John F. Allen is the founder and president of High Performance Stereo in Las Vegas NV. His website http://www.hps4000.com/ reads like a hit parade of achievements.

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