Boston AES Winter 2018

Upcoming Events:

Jan 21st Building a Home Studio, Medford MA. RSVP (Free)

Jan 26th 10am, Jan 27th 5pm Owen Curtin to present at NAMM/AES, “The State Of The Art Of Do It Yourself” Feat. Bobby Owsinski.

Feb 13th Executive Committee Meeting. RSVP (Free)

Feb 20th John Snyder: Electronic Audio Experiments. RSVP (Free)

  • Bay State College presents John Snyder! This event is open to Boston AES and all Students.

Feb 22nd Sound for Picture. RSVP  (Free)

  • Boston AES and IATSE Local 481 have teamed up to bring you this great tour of Soundtrack followed by a discussion with professionals who work in all aspects of sound for picture.
  • Hosted by: Jason Fyrberg, Brian McKeever, Christopher Anderson, Jared Detsikas, Kayleigh Ristuben.

Feb 27th Testing Audio and Publishing Results. RSVP (Free)

  • On this night, we will focus on how to take and read measurements for an objective understanding of the gear we use. We will also show you how to submit your results for a poster or a paper in the AES journal.
  • What is the AP with Dan Foley
  • How to Submit Posters and Papers with Bradford Swanson
  • Eric Cline: Testing for DIY and Industry
  • Q and A with everyone.

March 20th Passive Cardioid Speaker Technology. RSVP (Free)

November 14th Exec Comm Meeting Minutes: (Click to enlarge)

Google Hangouts is used to stream all meetings.

This link every time:

All members of the Boston AES are welcome to join the Executive Committee.

Please check your inbox for a message about joining the Executive Committee.

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