Boston AES Spring 2018

Upcoming Events

March 26th Amazon’s Lab 126-Far Field Voice Capture. RSVP (Free)

  • Amazon’s Lab 126 will present to the Boston AES. When you say ‘Alexa, what is the weather?’ and an Echo device responds to you, what exactly happens under the hood? There are many components in the device as well as on in the cloud that need to interact seamlessly for this magic to happen…Read More

March 28th Film Sound Series|Emerson AES|Matt Russell. RSVP (Free)

  • Join the Emerson College Student Section for this year’s first Film Sound Series event! Musician, producer, and engineer Matt Russell will demonstrate what it takes to compile sound for a commercial video, start to finish.

April 10th Walberg and Auge @ The Mixing House. RSVP (Free)

  • Jeremy Esposito of Walberg and Auge will present the The History and Future of America’s Most Innovative and Unknown Drum Company.

November 14th Exec Comm Meeting Minutes: (Click to enlarge)

Google Hangouts is used to stream all meetings.

This link every time:

All members of the Boston AES are welcome to join the Executive Committee.

Please check your inbox for a message about joining the Executive Committee.

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