Annual Boston AES Family Cookout 2013

Help us hang out and make the AES proud!

How else can you do so much by doing so little?

Join us on Sun. July 21st from 1-5pm for the Annual Boston AES Family Cookout, hosted by Dave Moulton at his place in the country ­ 39 Ames Rd., Groton, MA. 01450

Food and Drink will be provided but you may bring anything you wish.

Dave’s place has 25 acres of meadows, trails in the woods, an elaborate stone garden with stereo(!) waterfalls and (new for 2013) large hanging bell arrays (wind chimes on steroids), plus a heated swimming pool (using a very mild salt solution, not chlorine, as the filtering agent).  It’s really nice!  The place is kid-friendly, frisbee friendly and just generally a nice place to hang!  Feel free to bring family or friends.  Anyone wishing to use the pool should bring their own towels. Additional chairs will also be helpful.

For those of you who are interested, there’s also Dave’s surround listening room.  Bring a CD for fun!


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To get there:

1A.  From most of Boston:  Make your way to Route 2 westbound.  Proceed west past Route 128 and bypass Concord, proceeding to I-495.  Go north on I-495 (or east, whichever it says). You want to get to Exit 31, the intersection of I-495 and Route 119 in Littleton, MA.

1B.  From the North, South or West:  Make your way to I-495.  Go to Exit 31, the intersection of I-495 and Route 119 in Littleton, MA.

2.  Proceed west on Route 119 from I-495, toward Groton.

3.  Pass the intersection where Route 225 joins Route 119 (about 3 miles from I-495).

4.  Pass Gay Road (on right) and MRM Associates (red barn on left) (about another 2 miles from I-495).

5.  Turn Right onto Ames Road (careful ­ it comes up quick, and it’s a fairly sharp and steep drop-off turn to the right just after curves on 119, just past MRM Associates).

5A.  If you come to Johnson’s Drive-In on the left or a golf course on the right, turn around ­ you’ve gone too far.

6.  39 Ames Road (that¹s the place) is the first (and only) big yellow, white and cedar shake house on the left. Either pull in the driveway before you get to the house and walk into the garden via the covered verandah to the left of the garage, or else park in the parking area in front of the house and come up the steps through the garden gate.

If you get lost en route, call Dave at 978-448-6828.

For additional questions, please call Tony (617) 773-9480 or Jonah (508) 308-4994.


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