BAES Event – Location Sound Recording: Using the Zaxnet Wireless Recording System by G. John Garrett


Location Sound Recording:
Using the Zaxnet Wireless Recording System

By G. John Garrett, C.A.S.

Tues. Feb. 21, 7pm

Boston Ballroom (adjacent to Talamas)
141 California St., Newton, MA 02458

G. John Garrett will discuss his work in the field of Live Sound Recording and will demonstrate some of the capabilities of the Zaxcom wireless recording system as used in motion picture production sound.

Zaxcom has developed a wireless networking system called Zaxnet to control wireless transmitters and recorders, talkback to boom operators and disseminate information on the motion picture set.  Zax-Net is designed for the distribution of remote control signals, time code, IFB audio and metadata for production sound. It wirelessly links Zaxcom’s Deva/Fusion, digital recording wireless, encrypted IFB receivers, and compatible digital slates into a single system for audio recording and metadata distribution.

John Garrett has been a Location Sound Mixer and Recorder since 1982. Sound mixing and recording for television, motion pictures and music industries. He has been an Instructor at Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts, where he developed and executed curriculum in hands-on adult learning environment, teaching sound recording techniques for digital filmmaking. He has served as Editorial Contributor to Digital Video Magazine, C.A.S. Quarterly and the Association of Motion Picture Sound Journal, UK.  He has been a Freelance consultant since 1996 on studio design and construction and location recording with an emphasis on problem-solving. He has given location sound seminars for professionals and students at Boston University, Emerson College, The MFA Museum School, and has trained professionals in various aspects of location sound recording.  He is a member of IATSE 481, NABET 16, IBEW 1212, Audio Engineering Society and the Cinema Audio Society.

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