Shure Presents New Wireless Technology at MIT

Axient – Beyond Wireless

What?  Advanced Wireless Technology presentation, featuring the Axient System and Wireless Workbench 6, with Shure Tech Specialist Bill Ostry.

When?  Feb 2nd, 2012 at 10 am

Where?  MIT, Stata Center, Building 32 (Room 124), 32 Vassar St, Cambridge MA.

Why?  If you regularly use wireless mics, you need to attend.

The AxientT Wireless Management Network from Shure establishes a dramatic new threshold of control, convenience and confidence in RF transmission, reception and spectrum management for mission-critical applications.

The Axient system of products is Shure’s latest and most advanced professional wireless microphone system to date. This event will give attendees an overview and demonstration of system features including: spectrum management, interference detection and avoidance, transmitter remote control, frequency diversity, advanced power management, and new Wireless Workbench 6 software.

The PSM1000 IFB system will also be on display for the event. The PSM1000 is the most advanced wireless IFB on the market with superior RF performance and un-paralleled audio quality. The system allows for two independent audio transmissions on one carrier allowing twice as many IFB’s on-air or, conversely, half as many radio frequencies on air thus freeing up valuable spectrum. The PSM1000 also incorporates smart power management and networked control & monitoring of transmitters via WWB6.

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