AES Yard Sale, BU Audio Summit, AES NYC 2018 and more!

 BU Audio Summit, AES NYC 2018 and more!

The next few months are going to be very busy for the AES Boston Section:

Boston University College of Engineering and the Boston section of the AEShave collaborated to provide a day of unique audio events to be held at BU’s Photonics Center. In addition to talks on some of the latest research in audio perception (did you know your ear acts as an “analog” DSP system?) and understanding why music even sounds like music and not fingernails on a chalkboard we’ll hear from one of the leaders in electromagnetic analysis of guitar pickups to peel back some of the mystery in guitar sound.

Doug Fern will give a presentation that outlines some recording history, the evolving technology,
and why some of the oldest techniques may still be the best choice in some circumstances. Geoff and George Hazelrigg who now manufacture D.W. Fern products and superb are musicians, and recording artists will briefly about the aesthetics of various recording techniques and why they have zeroed-in on the setup for recording their trio (grand piano, upright bass, drums) using two Blumlein mics, D.W. Fearn mic, preamps, and Tascam DSD recorders. They will perform and record two short pieces. A listening and discussion session will complete the night.

Audio Engineering Society conventions connect audio engineers, producers, artists, and enthusiasts with the latest research and information, while also providing the premier showcase for the latest audio gear and technologies from the industry’s most relevant brands. The AES New York 2018 Convention, taking place October 17 – 20 at the Jacob Javits Center, will offer not only the AES flagship Technical Program, but also the year’s largest dedicated professional audio showcase and exhibition, taking place the first three days of the show (October 17 – 19), featuring the largest-ever offering of free-to-attend workshops and tutorials on the exhibition floor and throughout the convention’s demo room areas.

Audio Builders Workshop will provide free instruction, tools, and kits offered at a discount. ABW build events are a place to learn to make, exchange ideas, and grow the DIY community. We will have simple, inexpensive kits like our Metronome Project and also more advanced kits like the S-25 Microphone Kit that we build last year at the Parson’s expo. Please RSVP at the parson’s sight HEREand also RSVP on this page if you want to build with us. We will send out information about the available kits as the event gets closer.

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