Audio Community Scholarships!

All of us here at the BAES are excited to present the recipients of the AES Scholarship to WAMCon Boston 2017! They had a blast!

“WAM was amazing, after lunch we were split into groups of 7 or 8 and went around to see hour-long panels and it was great how small the sessions were. Really had the chance to get into exactly what everyone in the room was curious about and was closer to my level of understanding than the panels at AES; I’m only a first-semester audio student. Really recommend any female in audio to come to the next event.” -Meghan Moore

Here are some of the receipeints of the ABW Scholarship at Parsons Expo 2017!

“The ABW S25 mic build at the Parsons convention was a blast! The fact that Owen & co. made what is usually a very solitary task into a social and educational event was great. It was also a wonderufl opportunity to brush up on my soldering skills and get some very useful tips from folks that do this sort of thing far more often than I do!” -Tim Brault

“The microphone workshop sponsored by the Audio Builders Workshop was great! The kits were well designed with clear instructions and host Owen Curtin and guest Matt McGlynn were there and offered lots of tips to help the group complete the project. 

The S-25 kit ($199) from is probably not for the complete novice, but with a bit of soldering experience, it can be assembled in a couple of hours. The mic sounds fantastic! I’ve already used it for a critical sampling project and it easily outperforms other condenser mics in my collection.

So glad I participated in this workshop!”-Steve Ward


Thank you so much to our awesome membership and your generous support! Please continue to stay involved!

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