Boston AES Summer Newsletter

Hello BAES! We are in for a busy and fun summer so be sure to check here often to keep on top of all the activities offered by your local AES chapter!

Upcoming Events:

AUG 20th AES and Stomp Box Sonic are Hosting an event.    Noon to 3  RSVP

AUG 22nd @ Quiethouse Recording.               7pm-10pm             RSVP

Sept 19th @ U-Turn Audio. Includes Lord Hobo Brewing Co. Tasting.     6:30pm      RSVP

Oct 17th @ Barbizon Lighting. Includes Lord Hobo Brewing Co. Tasting.  6:30pm    RSVP



OCT 19th We are planning an Audio Builders Workshop reception for AES NY.            More details coming soon!  Partners:

  • TapeOp Magazine
  • iZotope
  • DIY Recording Equipment
  • Microphone Parts
  • GKL Audio


ABW is now a WorkGroup or the AES. We are planning a build of the stereo EQ. Group buy planned for Aug / Fall. ABW See pinned post @

The annual BBQ was a lot of fun and thanks to the generous support of iZotope, Lord Hobo and our membership, we covered cost of the events and raised money for future events! The new and RSVP donation options will remain active for future events.

July 11th Exec Comm Meeting Minutes:

We will see if the NYC convention will have a booth for chapters so we can man that booth and get the word out about our chapter.

We are talking about creating scholarship for our members: Brad Swanson and Owen Curtin will develop this plan for the next Exec Comm Meeting .

The Next Exec Comm Meeting is 8/8 at 7PM @ CCHS.

Google Hangouts is used to stream all meetings.

This link every time:

All members of the Boston AES are welcome to join the Executive Committee.


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